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Highlight any part of your Manor by standing in front of it, then tap on the button on the right that looks like a cross. You can then move your character to move the structure with you. You will need to move those first. Finally, you will see numbers on the upper left side of the screen. These indicate the maximum number of structures allowed based on your current Manor level. You will need to raise your Manor level if you want to be able to add more structures.

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Make sure you plan your layout with these numbers in mind. When you are in Build mode, you will see a Blueprint button at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it and you will see another loading screen. This means you have entered Blueprint mode. This will allow you to plan out every part of your Manor without having to worry about whether or not you have all the necessary materials. Once you are satisfied with your blueprint, you can tap on the Blueprint Build button and the game will automatically assemble the house if you have all the necessary materials.

As you design your house in Blueprint mode, you will see a list of all the structures you used on the left side. Looking at this list will make it easy for you to keep track of all the parts that you still need to build. Keep in mind that Blueprint mode will allow you to design using all possible structures even if you have not learned the formula for them.

Zombie invasions are not the only things you need to worry about when designing your Manor. Zombies mostly just come straight at your house, so putting a lot of traps near your gate would be enough to hold them off while you shoot at them from a safe distance. Raiders, on the other hand, are humans, so they will try to sneak past your defenses.

If you have no idea what raiding is about, you can check out our LifeAfter Raiding guide we published earlier. It follows the lives of an upper-middle-class family in Santa Barbara, Calif. The director thought viewers would be shocked if they could look at the real lives of American families.

To help pick out the shows that stand out in this wide-ranging genre, Stacker looked at IMDb data for shows with more than 1, votes and ranked them by their user ratings. Who knows, along the way you may find your next show to indulge in. With fascinating characters like the Bella Twins, one of WWE's most popular one-two pair, the show averages almost a million viewers. The drama of the eccentric food critic Gordon Ramsay may haunt these kids for years to come. The show follows the cake man Buddy Valastro and his family, whose business in Hoboken, New Jersey, produces custom cakes for any occasion.

Want a cake from the boss himself? Although it ran for five seasons on TLC, the show went on a four-year hiatus until it came back in , only now airing on Discovery, where the show has remained since. The business is owned by brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King, along with their opinionated and outrageous family and staff.

101 Objects that Made America: America in the World

This is a great Travel Channel show for paranormal enthusiasts. He investigates cases to help people unearth history and facts that can explain the otherwise unexplainable. Her explanations are often from different sources, but the parallels can be astounding. This is a twist on a murder-mystery-based series.

After he has uncovered the issues, Ramsay puts the hotel owners and employees to work as he attempts to turn around these failing establishments. In the show, 12 people compete in the backdrop of a fictional high fantasy setting called the Kingdom of Everealm. In each episode, a new challenger chef competes against one of the resident "Iron Chefs," crafting dishes on the spot based on a secret ingredient or ingredients, and sometimes a theme. His business restores and modifies classic cars and motorcycles.

In , he was inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame.

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This Discovery show follows gold miners and their efforts of running their family-run mining company based in northwest Canada. The show has amassed millions of viewers and online creepers alike. An original episode broadcast on January 24, , was watched by 7 million viewers, the most-watched telecast ever on History, according to the network and Nielsen Media Research. This groundbreaking MTV show followed a group of stuntmen who performed extreme acts of high medical risks and physical pain.

Along with the introduction of up-and-coming personalities Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O, the show was the subject of much controversy for its stunts, but spawned three movies and left a legacy of stunt-based comedy. With appealing host commentary from personalities like Sylvester Stallone and Terry Crews, season 2 aired in December with plans for a renewed third season.

Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.

A game show where unsuspecting players are picked up in a cab and must answer trivia questions with cash prizes before they arrive at their destination. The show follows 50 chefs who battle to become the next culinary star. Contestants compete with each other to design the best clothes for each respective challenge and are then judged by a panel—with the ultimate goal to snag a spot to showcase an entire line of clothing at New York Fashion Week.

The show followed a group of young kids who are forced to experience challenges without adults or parental guidance. Hosted by legendary rock musician Dave Navarro, the show features tattoo artists who compete in various challenges designed to assess their tattoo and other related artistic skills. Their pieces are then judged by renowned tattoo artists and enthusiasts, with one or more contestants being eliminated each episode.

The Travel Channel show follows actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman, as he tours the best dishes made in different American cities and participates in local eating competitions. Their savior or devil comes in the form of Gordon Ramsay, who spends a week transforming the restaurant to help it become a successful business. Ramsay is in witnessing someone so at peace with his own arrogance.

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The show was also well-known for going through various housing and contract lawsuits during its tenure. The tension and alliances of members make it as much a soap opera as it is a competitive reality show. With two spin-offs and fascinating personalities, the show was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame in Winner of four Emmy Awards, the ABC series is a massive success, achieving over 9 million viewers at its peak. A comedy game show hosted by Billy Eichner, creator of the popular Funny or Die web series.

Having aired on Fuse and TruTV, the show is currently searching for a new network as of September After declassified FBI files about Hitler were released, the show chronicles a group of specialists who work together to try and find the truth of Hitler's supposed death and the conspiracies surrounding it. History Channel aired its third season last January. RuPaul narrates the behind-the-scenes footage. The Animal Planet documentary followed zookeeper Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri, as they explored various wildlife throughout the greater Australian continent.

The show ended after Irwin died from injuries from a stingray barb in At its height, the show premiered to 2. Surviving the wild can be a death sentence for most. The show follows the self-described petrol-sexual car guy Richard Rawlings and his mechanic prodigy, Aaron Kaufmann, as they search the country for beat-up classic cars to restore at their Dallas, Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage. Failing establishments are given one last chance to succeed with the help of Jon Taffer, a top restaurant and bar consultant.

The drama and high expectations of Taffer make it a riveting show for the renovator-enthusiast crowd. An unscripted series set in Kevin Smith's iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, the show captures the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture. While the show is captivating, imagining yourself in these situations is also chilling to the bone.

The show follows British adventurer Bear Grylls and his attempts to push A-list celebrities into wild outdoor situations and out of their comfort zone. Past season themes have included surviving a global viral outbreak and collapse of a modern civilization. The comedic chemistry between the co-stars made the show a success, but it ended in when Boykin left the show. Sadly, Boykin passed away in May Hosted by Mike Rowe, the show took a look into the various jobs throughout the country that involved messy, disgusting or difficult duties.

The show has helped provide a platform for future successful fighters. This documentary series chronicles the tenacious life of Alaskan crab fishermen—one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Meanwhile, even the film crew is put in situations where their own lives are in danger. Starring comedian Ralph Garman, the show leads people to believe that they are contestants on a reality television show.

The ensuing parody involves the hosts and cast members drawing unwitting contestants into progressively bizarre scenarios. Who knew makeup could be so interesting? This CNBC show features struggling small businesses who are offered capital investment and expertise from successful businessman Marcus Lemonis. Another exercise Michael does with her clients is to have each person write down 10 ideas or desires they have in relation to their issue and exchange them with their significant other.

Then each person circles things that are similar, checks the ones they can compromise on and crosses out the ones they completely disagree on. I just wanted enough seating. Moosejaw Woodworks Co Ltd. Challenges Once Things Get Underway The most common challenge couples face while in the thick of a renovation project is staying calm and composed. Another big challenge is being flexible about living conditions. Some people are better at reverting to their college dorm room days than others.

Or one is perfectly fine moving along at a leisurely pace, while the other just wants the project finished five minutes ago.

Structural integrity test

Natural Stone Consulting. The Decider Pearson, the couples therapist, says that when he and his wife worked together on an addition to their house, they made two decisions that he says prevented 99 percent of all possible disagreements. The first was that they decided what the budget was going to be. According to the survey, this was one of the top tips given by respondents for other couples as well. Figure out what you can afford, agree on it and stick with it. If something comes up during the project that calls for a change in the budget, discuss it with your significant other before making a decision.

The second was that Pearson and Bader divided up the decision-making process so that Bader got 51 percent of the voting power and Pearson got 49 percent. In other words, he had input and Bader sought his opinion on things, but in the end, she had the final say because they had decided early on that she would be better suited for spearheading the project. Go back and bring home some more. For example, one person may take on the selection of materials and finishes, while the other is more comfortable with project management.

The budget, though, should always be a decision, arrived at mutually, Pearson says. The person with 51 percent of the voting power is allowed to do anything within the budget. Polish Those Negotiating Skills You and your partner need to make a lot of decisions together, hundreds of decisions. You and your partner are negotiating on what the solution or decision should be. I would say I have a higher tolerance for visual disarray than [wife] Ellyn.

Heather Banks. Is It Worth It? While remodeling is challenging, it can strengthen relationships.

HomeStars U - Kitchen Renovation 101

Many people reported that after completing a remodeling project, they now spend more time at home together, eat and cook more at home, and have more company over. A large majority of people in many countries also said they feel more comfortable, happier and more organized at home. And an overwhelming majority said the result of the project was worth going through the experience.

In Spain and Sweden, percent of respondents said it was worth it, despite the challenges.

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Brandi Hines has built three new homes with her husband, Jamie they are seen here with their son, Parker , and acted as general contractor during all the projects. With two full-time jobs and a 2-year-old, the stress level was to the max, she says. Talking through the problems together helped them cope, as did walking away from the project for a bit, getting outside, clearing brush on their property and just visualizing the overall goal of having a beautiful home.

Managing Stress When you have a lot invested in something — time, money, hopes and dreams — it can turn into a high-stress situation. Many people found that venting to each other or to friends and family was a huge relief, according to the survey. Getting out of the house and taking alone time also were important in all countries. Hugging, kissing and being affectionate was the top way to manage stress in France and Germany, and was high on the list in Canada, Italy, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Anthology Woods. But there are other, perhaps more unconventional, ways to manage stress too. Others suggested exercise, humor and schlafen , or sleep in German.