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That is what I encounter each and every month by using the steps below to earn rewards towards my fuel purchase. Since my van only takes between gallons depending on how low I let it get , we either take both cars up to the gas station and park on either side of the pump so that I can hand the gas pump over to my hubby to fill his tank, or we ask a stranger if they would like the remainder of our gallons of FREE gas. We have a really neat story about an encounter with a stranger while we were traveling that we shared on Facebook Live that will surely encourage your heart that God always provides.

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Watch it here. These do NOT have to be a Mastercard.

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You can link any card and they will earn rewards too. If you use a Mastercard you will qualify for more bonuses. Since I use my discounted Shell Gift Card to pay, those fill ups cost me even less! Yay for cheap gas!

Thank you, friends for more cheap gas! This was a super easy bonus because it made it really easy to look up my account and rewards on my phone. So you can easily see how the savings add up in order for you to get cheap gas and the same or better rewards too! If you are not already a Fuel Rewards Member , they offer bonus ways to earn in your first month. So there you have it, a new surprise benefit for MasterCard users, and the details behind how to utilize a program to earn some FREE gas each month!

You gotta love a program that allows you to do your everyday shopping and earn rewards to get cheap gas!

7 Legal Ways to Get Free Gas (No Hack or Code Required!)

Share Pin And more new option s to save at the pump are cropping up every day. So keep reading, because all it takes is a little bit of time. Survey Junkie , which was started in , now has over 3M members and counting. Plus, their point system is easy to use.

Another great way to save money on gas is to buy discounted gas cards. One at a time you may only save a few percentage points, but in aggregate, over time, it could mean considerable savings. Here you can expect to save quite a bit. Raise is another discount gift card market. They offer a wide variety f discounted gas cards, for stations like Shell, Speedway, Sheetz and many more. Gift Card Granny is another great source for cheap gift cards. Much like the discount level, the selection varies too. But, regardless, you can expect a better deal compared to paying full retail price.

We recommend you get a a gas credit card from a company that offers rewards at any gas station. Because some stations have better prices than others at certain times. Getting a card not affiliated with any one gas station means greater savings for you. Discover It Credit Card has the best offer in the business right now. Discover It Chrome for Students has the next best offer out right now. And, considering most students have a lengthy commute, a card like this is a no-brainer.

Using your car as an advertisement is one of the best passive income ideas.

You can make money—and free gas—just by doing what you do anyway: driving. Wrapify is a leader in the car advertising space.

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What makes Wrapify compelling? You can earn free gas fast with no upfront costs. Not to mention you can make great money. Carvertise is another leader in the car advertising space. So you always have a choice.

Free Gas: 17 Legit Ways To Get Free Gas Today

Much like Wrapify and Carvertise, you just place an advertisement on your car and they give you free gas. The requirements are just as simple. Depending upon your financial situation, free gas could mean the difference between paying bills or not. If your income permits, try these methods:. Along with using the ways above to get free gas, there are other things you can do to cut down on gasoline costs in your budget.

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From getting a motorcycle to save money it works to staying on top of your vehicle maintenance, there are plenty of ways to save money on gas. Because the constant acceleration, deceleration and braking typical of city driving will have you burning fuel fast. So, the remedy is to maintain a steady speed as much as possible. Driving this way will ensure your car lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Free Gas: 17 Legit Ways To Get Free Gas Today - Careful Cents

Did you know that your tire pressure influences your fuel economy? If you keep your tires properly inflated, you could save some serious change on gas. The same is true of your oil levels and filter health. As per the U. Fuel Economy website:. Public transportation is one great way to save.