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The Most Scandalous Woman of 19th century: Lola Montez

The Petcheneg. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Under Two Flags. The Princess Elopes. But some have withstood the combined onslaughts of progress and sex discrimination. What follows is a selection of 10 of our favorite places from different parts of the country, open to the public but not necessarily listed in standard travel guides. It was here, in this handsome buff clapboard house, that Louisa May Alcott wrote the bestselling novel in , a reflection of her own happy homclife.

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Orchard House has on display many souvenirs of the Alcott Little Women. A quick draw of the curtain, and the four young girls would race up the back stairs to change costumes. When she wasn't crisscrossing the country to campaign for the vote, or dropping in at the White House to ask for equal rights, Susan B. It was from this house, shared with her sister Mary, that Anthony set out on her historic trip to the polls in November to test the law and vote in an election.

Two weeks later she was arrested by a United States deputy marshal in this house and hustled aboard a streetcar to report to the commissioner's office. This gentleman is escorting me to jail. Ask him for my fare. The house is a museum now, with National Landmark status; filled with photographs, stuffed Victorian furniture and faded rugs of its early, determined occupants. We saw the Quaker shawl that kept her warm in drafty lecture halls and the mahogany desk on which Carrie Chapman Catt drafted the final, winning 19th—suffrage—amendment.

In Susan B. Anthony's bedroom permanently rests the worn alligator traveling satchel that she carried on her suffrage journeys to Europe. Several days earlier she had told Dr. The way the story is told, the general was so incensed at the sight of the flag that he ordered his soldiers to shoot.

Fritchie memorabilia include her dogwood pattern china, spinning wheel, rocking chair, four cutters for the cookies Fritchie sold in her husband's glove shop, and a paisley shawl given her by Francis Scott Key. The first statue to a black woman to stand in a public park in the nation's capital was dedicated July 10, , the 99th anniversary of the birth of the distinguished educator.

The Bethune likeness, sculpted by Robert Berks, is 17 feet high, a corpulent figure with a broad, beaming face. I leave you hope…. Tuscumbia, Ala. The woman that Mark Twain called the most marvelous person of her sex who exist en earth since Joan of Arc was born on June 27, in this oneroom, white clapboard cottage with gingerbread trim. Nineteen months later she was stricken with a mysterious illness that left her blind, deaf, and dumb. Until her death in , Keller traveled, lectured and wrote tirelessly to help those with the same handicaps she had so courageously overcome.

A series of fountains surrounding a bust of Keller on a pedestal was dedicated in by Lions International, of which she was an honorary member. Every Friday and Saturday night, at , from July 9 to Aug. She was frequently depicted in association with animals. Contemporaries range between calling Montez altogether beautiful, or merely fascinating with a face that was not beautiful.

But then of course there was her figure. Images in newspapers always emphasize the tiny waist, ballooning bosom, and short skirts. Jack and his pretentious acquaintance J. She was very independent, had the reputation of possessing some money, well invested; and although much talked about, Smytthe averred that she was as good as other people. I have often wondered why there was not more objection to the Spanish persona, though Lola Montez claimed Spanish ancestry rather than upbringing.

Contemporaries vouch for having conversed with Lola in French, Spanish, and German, among other languages. Thomas Gunn in his diary describes her as speaking with a French accent.

The Clerk and the Spanish Dancer: Walt Whitman’s Jack Engle and Lola Montez

Years in various European cities and courts may have entangled her accent. Both Inez and Lola are known for multiple heterosexual relationships, sometimes overlapping. Lola was a prosperous courtier or hostess in most cities in which she temporarily reigned. Like many a star since, she commanded the fashion, speech, manner, and education of a lady with a daring difference , which raised the stakes of desirability.

She could induce gentlemen to marry her and a king to support her as a kind of minister-mistress. Lola Montez appointed her managers and protectors, usually but not always serially. She explicitly suggested she would not have had to work on the stage if she were indeed a prostitute. More than once supported as a wife, she earned large sums and for a time received a royal pension. Yet her failures in the entertainment business were conspicuous, and lawsuits concerning marital status, charges of assault, or debt often entangled her.

Much of the publicity surrounding Lola portrays a woman out of feminine bounds: a cigar smoker, even when it was prohibited on a train; an equestrian wielding a whip ; [5] the diva with a fiery temper. Headlines tell of her assaults or fights, her escapes from debt collectors or police. All this differs from the portrayal of Inez, who seemingly cherishes domesticity and remains largely un-implicated in the chase scene in Jack Engle. And yet Whitman endows his Spanish dancer with the temper of her race. But Inez instead laughs and firmly closes the door on the two men. The novella is preoccupied with the uprooted population of street children and precocious young men, but the city has watchmen and police and clergymen that prevent anything as lawless as Panama or San Francisco or Australia.

Who is Lola Montez - Lola Montez Night Club

Under feverish stimulants, they come forward, like hot-house plants, and sometimes their growth is unwholesome, and as fragile. As Jack becomes fond of Inez, she refuses to let him visit her at home alone, as if to protect him, though he repeatedly states that three is a crowd. Although Lola Montez was ingenious and resourceful, and thrived in the company of intelligent people, I see little in any version of her life to suggest common sense, particularly in her hiring of managers.

Still, I can imagine her as being friendly like Inez, and she was often observed acting generously and charitably.

In many theaters, the women on and off stage were presumed to be available. Lola Montez sometimes whipped this corps into rebellion, or stepped forward in propria persona to appease and persuade.

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Very often, she needed to leave the theatre and the town rather quickly, not unlike Jack and his heroine Martha. Jack Engle is of course no biography of Inez the Spanish dancer, and she is a plot device, domestically sweet or hot-tempered as needed. Offstage for most of the latter half of the novella, she resides in a flowery cottage in Hoboken hosted by a large Irish family.

The potential rivalry with Mr. His heart was never in it. Instead, in this heteronormative romance, Jack belatedly recognizes that he loves Martha, the captive ward of his boss, Covert. The girl with the housewifely name is the same Quaker girl who helped him in his destitute childhood.