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Today my favourite niece Julia and her husband Ryan celebrate two years of wedded bliss. To mark the occasion Betty, Julia's mom, made not one, but two quilts - one for them and one for her and Steve. I've invited Betty to be my guest blogger today to share, in her words, the story of the gorgeous MOB Mother-of-the-Bride quilt which she just finished up a couple of weeks ago.

Since they set their wedding date for September , it gave me lots of time to complete this heirloom. With the wedding approaching and the gift complete, I decided to start work on a mother-of-the-bride MOB quilt as a memento - one that Steve and I would sleep under for years to come - AND to keep my mind distracted from the myriad details it took to complete that special day!

In keeping with the bridal theme, instead of using new fabrics I chose heirloom linens featuring intricate hand embroidery, crochet and cut work. The quilt is now trimmed and laundered.

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This place was an unexpected gem and I am going to go back before I leave Paris! It's a little out of the way, on a small side street, and when you get there, you might think "Hmmm, this doesn't look that impressive", but it's good! I wish my friends lived in Paris, because the place has a really contemporary, innovative atmosphere and I'm pretty sure even people who aren't vegetarian or vegan could enjoy it. I was sad to arrive all the way across town especially for the doughnuts and they didn't have any.

Furthermore the server said they hadn't had any recently, and doesn't know when they'll have them again. I ordered the fries, which I'm sure were potato and not Yucca, and cheesecake. The cake was great, fries OKAY, and server was incredibly kind and helpful, even with my pigeon French. I'd go here again if I knew they had doughnuts.

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A nice comforting menu with vegan junk food like yucca fries original. The nuggets were just ok, but the cream-filled doughnuts are out of this world. MOB also has a small shop with cool items like vegan chocolate spread, vegan whipped cream, etc. There aren't a bunch of options here, but the veggie burger was super tasty. They look like mini-me burgers they're so small, but surprisingly filling.

Staff super friendly and lots of sweet stuff on offer. Choc-chip cookies to die for Would've liked to have eaten here more often but it was a bit far from where we were staying. It's a tiny shop area, so dining in may not be the besdt option. Great concept though and will go back to try the veggie saucisson, looked delicious. This recently opened restaurant is so close to home that we did not even noticed it had opened!

Their specialty is a "mob", a flat iron-shaped crust filled with daily specials, ready to go. We enjoyed the mob a lot, and went back a second time to try their desserts: orange pound cake and cookies. Everything was delicious and the friendliness of the staff is a real treat. Link to this page from your site. Entry info.

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  • We see you love HappyCow, why not login or register or get the app to view without limitations. Login to Your Account Username or Email. Remember me on this device. Login Please wait.. Login with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Add Review Add Photo View all 35 photos. View all 35 photos. Comment Share Report. Pros: Cheesecake, Location, Friendly stuff Cons: price, taste, waiting time. Pros: vegan, yummy Cons: costly. Pros: Great food, all vegan, Really good value, Friendly cool staff Cons: Quite small, not much seating, Yucky awful rap music, Seriously, lose the bad gangsta rap!

    Pros: tasty, cheap, alll vegan Cons: limited choice. Pros: good value, tasty food, vegan cheesecake Cons: the music. Pros: cake was good Cons: no doughnuts.

    Darling Daughter's Wedding (MOB Journal)

    Pros: Vegan desserts, Nice atmosphere Cons: Honey in one sauce. Pros: good value, large portions Cons: small place. Pros: Fresh, Food to go, Desserts. Previous 1 2 Next. Write Review. Cornelius had been a hard-working businessman who knew and loved chocolate. Strangely enough, he had been rail thin all his life, and at six-foot four had towered above his co-workers, employees, secretaries, truck drivers, factory workers, and board of directors.

    They all owed him their occupation, as did many in the town of Lovely, in one fashion or another. Exercise and hard work kept the extra weight off. To him, chocolate was a means to support oneself and to build a business; to others, chocolate was life itself.

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    This would be the main feature on the local news channels and in the city papers: the founding father had died. The city of Lovely had lost its biggest employer, benefactor, guide, director, heart, and soul. The mayor would soon call a day of mourning. Churches and private school children would offer up prayers; civic meetings and public school children would observe a moment of silence, although there were those among them who would also pray for Cornelius Lovely. Lights would go out at the hospital in observation of the passing of the founding father, the man who donated land for the hospital as well as the elementary, junior and senior high schools.

    The Lovely Chocolate Factory, however, would keep making chocolate around the clock, with no slowing of production, as per his instructions; he wanted it that way. Digital clocks were not allowed on the factory grounds, in the administrative offices, and on the workroom floors; any use of a digital watch was frowned upon. Lovely saw the creation of chocolate as a duty and a means of spreading happiness to his customers. When making a good product for the buyer, a need is met, and the world is made a better place.

    Save time, save money!

    Needless to say, the town of Lovely was thrown into darkness. Within an hour most of the population knew of the passing of Mr. With his passing, his granddaughter, Susan, gave permission for his body to be moved to the funeral home and was helped through this process by the family physician, Franklin Burke. My name is Randall Owen. Rich, powerful, driven, he even made a run for president. Since the prospect of depression scares me, I decided to have myself assessed, and to seek out professional help.


    So this is what I did, I made an appointment with a local mental health counselor. After arriving at the medical center, a few blocks from the hospital in downtown Lovely, I spent time just looking at it from the front steps. This building was mostly doctor offices, separate from the patients and equipment at the hospital; the health professionals felt more in control here, more relaxed.