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Incoming government briefings — commonly known as the red and blue books — should continue to be treated as cabinet documents and thus not be released in full to the public, say former senior public servants. The Daniel Andrews Labor government in Victoria has refused to release the contents of its red book under Freedom of Information, despite Labor criticising the Baillieu and Napthine governments for similar actions while in opposition.

But former senior public servants have expressed concern about the potential impact of increased transparency on such briefings. Although red and blue books have traditionally been kept away from the public eye, in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet partly released the content of its briefings to Julia Gillard.

Treasury also released its incoming government briefing. Changing expectations and practice surrounding the transparency of such documents have meant different departmental secretaries have chosen different paths when it comes to IGBs — some prefer to prepare a bland, easily-releasable document, while others choose to create a fuller briefing and deal with FOI requests as they arise, redacting confidential information as necessary.

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Meredith Sussex, former head of the Victorian Cabinet Office and former deputy secretary at the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, says the ability of public servants to give high quality advice is the most important issue. Factual briefings should be made public, she told The Mandarin , but politicians should ultimately be held accountable for their decisions, not public servants:.

The public service is one, albeit important, source of that advice.