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However, many desktop computers do not have BLE technology, so this approach cannot be done with a browser. The consumer must also be trusted to enter their password manually with this method.

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In addition to the substantial hardware costs of BLE, adding the MFI chip also adds bill-of-materials cost to the product. The product must also undergo extensive costs for testing, certification, and approval from Apple. It also has limited applicability works on iOS only.

Product manufacturers use Soft AP aka software enabled access point or virtual router to let their users configure their Wi-Fi network names and passwords into headless products. This is the most common mechanism to connect products to Wi-Fi. It can work with iOS, but the user has to leave the app, go to settings, go to Wi-Fi, and then select the SoftAP Wi-Fi network, and then come back to the app, which is a confusing process even to the most diligent consumer.

A good customer experience is difficult to guarantee with the SoftAP approach with Android. SoftAP cannot be done reliably on a computer browser because the instructions for different operating systems are different and the machines may be connected over ethernet rather than Wi-Fi.

ZipKey is supported by leading internet service providers like Comcast and simplifies the process of onboarding of Wi-Fi devices. This makes Wi-Fi onboarding a cloud-facilitated process rather than a local process.

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This improves the reliability and eliminates the need for the user to manually enter the Wi-Fi password. ZipKey is compatible with standard Wi-Fi chips, which means no hardware change. It also works with iOS, Android, and browsers. ZipKey provides a great customer experience and integrates automatically with ISP network management apps.

In addition, ZipKey provides benefits in the ongoing lifecycle of the product: reprovisioning, moving between networks, automatic update of Wi-Fi credentials if they change. Your odds of losing to a bad customer experience are high with most of the Wi-Fi onboarding approaches, so consider your options wisely.

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Just like that, the speaker is connected and will stay connected, even if the user changes their home Wi-Fi network name or password. This process is as robust as it is simple: there is very little opportunity for the user to make a mistake.

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For headless connected products without a keyboard or screen, the app is what guides the user through the setup and management. As you know by now, connected products can be confusing for users. The goal of the app is to be approachable and easily understandable by mainstream consumers. OOBE is vital to the success of your product.

With our Wi-Fi connection management solution, if the product falls off the network for any reason, it will automatically reconnect with no user intervention. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Out of Box Experience of Connected Products. They download an app, scroll through screen after screen of passwords and setup codes, and begin to wonder how long this is going to take. Their excitement slowly melts into frustration. They disconnect their phone and reconnect, because for some reason they have to disconnect from their Wi-Fi network to be able to add a new product.

Soft Access Point Product manufacturers use Soft AP aka software enabled access point or virtual router to let their users configure their Wi-Fi network names and passwords into headless products. ZipKey ZipKey is supported by leading internet service providers like Comcast and simplifies the process of onboarding of Wi-Fi devices. The interfaces should keep the complexity under the hood. Case in point: My colleague Gordon Mah Ung noticed the changes when he was setting up a new PC for testing PC components, which he typically configures with a local account to streamline the process.

Microsoft, naturally, believes that a Microsoft account is in your best interests: Your preferences, password, and files are stored in the cloud and carry over to new devices, you can manage subscriptions like Xbox Live, and you also have access to various Microsoft services.

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The point, however, is that the choice should be yours to make. We originally discovered the issue with an October Update version PC.

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We found similar setup experiences on two different machines by different manufacturers. During the Windows 10 version setup process, Cortana will ask you for your language and keyboard preferences, as she always does. So you connect. There is not. Can you back out of the screen into the previous screen?

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No— Windows reloads the same page! In the past, entering a non-standard email address prompted Windows 10 to suggest a local account instead. No longer. All this does is trigger a pitch for the benefits of a Microsoft account, such as OneDrive space, Office productivity apps, and more. Yes, you can have a local account—but only after signing in with a Microsoft account!

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  4. Does that mean you have to create or log in with a Microsoft account to proceed? You do! And with that, Windows ushers you back to the Microsoft account sign-in page.

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    During the Wi-Fi sign-in page, you can opt to skip it. That leads you to the page where Cortana soulfully begs you to reconsider, reminding you that just a single click can save you precious time later on. What worked for me then was to then try once again to create a Windows account, knowing full well that it would fail.