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America's elite defense unit works under the radar and outside the law to stop terror before it hits America's streets. But with each new crisis, Stony Man's cyberwizards understand that the new battlefield is deep space. Someday, a superweapon may b Hidden deep within the U. Covert, uncensored and answering only to the President, the cybernetic and commando teams of Stony Man understand that the impos When a cruise ship is hijacked, a rescue mission fails to save the lives of the p Mack Bolan's soft probe into a missing Pentagon official tracking Colombian ELN terrorist camps inside Cuba goes hard when his cover is blown.

As a brutal African warlord masterminds the murderous plague ravaging Sudan, his Russian black market conspir When crisis demands skill, stealth and the kind of diplomacy that comes from a mandate to strike down terror, the call to action goes to Stony Man. Under presidential directive, the crack commando teams of Phoenix Force and Able Team, backed by the m An order of monks has emerged as a new force of unprecedented terror. Legend has it that the centuries-old brotherhood was the mastermind of the The covert counterinsurgent team known as Stony Man gets the green light to strike hard and fast -- no red tape, no political stalemates, just Unflinching duty and patriotism stand at the core of the covert operations group known as Stony Man.

Answering only to the Oval Office, and with a mandate to strike before the world suffers, the clandestine field and cyber operatives work without a w But the so-called "last don" of New York City A violent, militant arm of a neo-Nazi group has forged an unholy alliance with Palestinian terrorists to bring about a mutual goal Suspecting the IRA link is the lesser part of somethi For years, the agent has played the counterintelligence game for profit.

Dedicated to a seek-and-destroy mandate when presidential directive sends them into the heat of battle, the cyber and commando teams of Stony Man hit hard and fast to remove threats of global magnitude. Now a secret terrorist organization has hacked Mack Bolan is called upon to track the security breach, only to discover he's too late. With half of the code now in the posse If it's a weapons contract, classified materials or soldiers for hire, the company will deal--all w Army Rangers are beheaded and burned in Afghanistan, fi ngers point to the Taliban.

But Mack Bolan suspects otherwise. He's betting it was an inside job. But why? And, more importantly, whose hands are cover He's a legend believed to be at the center of an international network of violent jihadist and criminal enterprises stretching across the Mi As diplomats point fingers, the situation behind the scenes grows dire.

Intelligence reports indicate a terrorist Mack Bolan's hard probe exposes a renegade faction deep within the Sudanese Eighty miles outside the nation's capital, the President's covert defense unit has its orders: stop terror at its source. From the cyber wizards at the helm to the commandos on the ground, the warriors of Stony Man are united by an unbreakable bond o Working undercover to stem the esc But while eliminating one killer, Mack Bolan stumbles onto a deadly drug pipeline that takes him deep into the Australian Outback--and into the heart When talks and negotiations stall, when rampant violence goes unchecked, the covert arm of the U.

Justice Department enters the fray at Presidential command. United by an unspoken bond of commitment and patriotism, Stony Man operates for a just cau But as kilos of high-grade heroin flood L The old Soviet Bloc espionage games have resumed on a covert and catastrophic new playing field: the U.

The enemy isn't the Russian government, but long-dormant sleeper cells in America's cit Two paramilitary rescue teams are sent to track her but are compromised, captured or killed. There's only one person left who migh But this time the battleground is New York City. Bolan has to uncover the source of the devastating new ammunition. The explosive, high-penetration bullets not onl Using violence and destruction to throw the population into a panic, a group known as The Brethren, and their political masterminds, are orchestrating anarchy, operating above the law.

They have a Now he's cast his lot with terrorists and organized crime, knowing there's big money worki A vigilante is targeting local methlab gangs doing business with white supremacists. But innocents are dying in the wake of Now America is being lured into the cross fire through a deeply rooted conspiracy designed to force the U. If seconds count and justice demands rapid response and swift action against enemies prepared to unleash terror and mass murder, the covert agency known as Stony Man is the President's last means of delivering answering blows that conventional law en They are looting rare Mayan artifacts and selling them for millions.

The location of the jungle tomb is a secret to all but the rebel army, which has tapp Iran's hardliners are pushing an extremist agenda, defying U. His target is a cartel across the border with a hand in just about every illegal activity--drugs, guns, whatever pro For the seasoned warriors of America's most elite and covert defense unit, each mission could be their last. Now a grim Presidential directive comes down hard, green-lighting a desperate search-and-destroy operation where minutes count.

An unknown en Their number has come up on Mack Bolan's hit list, but the killers are He's got a battle-hardened black-ops veteran in charge of his assault Real-time intelligence points to Grozny as the meeting place for a deadly deal, but Bolan Whatever the battle, odds or critical mass, standard operating procedure for the ultra-covert defense team known as Stony Man is ironclad resolve.

Now America faces an unthinkable threat-a situation that has the world scrambling for cover and answers A terrorist group armed with nerve gas from one of America's largest bioweapons caches has set the stage for an endg But those inside U. Intelligence know better. The hostage is a top American nuclear expert. When the scientist's Members of an association of businessmen, which included Americans, who were willing to get their hands bloody for profit are mysteriously dyin The selfless determination to make the world a safer place and the ability to take the battle to the enemy anywhere around the globe is what separates the warriors of Stony Man from any other tactical defense team.

A covert force that answers only to The deadly weapons are being developed by internal factions determined to vaporize neighboring India. It's a suicide mission-one Bolan takes on His target has been tipped off and has escaped every attempted raid to date, mainta Someone has spent years fanning the fires of discontent, fueling righteous ideology, doing wh Led by a fanatical sociopath who believes his ultimate power lies beyond the divine-b Mack Bolan launches a hard probe into a Salvadoran street gang.

Forged in the hellfires of combat, the paramilitary operatives of the covert organization known as Stony Man are the President's first response team when crisis strikes.

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Unencumbered by red tape or protocol, they've got no margin for error. If Stony Balahadra Naraka is a big game poacher turned murderer of anyone who stands in The question of who is behind the conspiracy and why tur Racing to reclaim the cache before a violent insurgent group sells everything on the black As the free world stands united against the ruthless onslaught of global terrorism, a covert, action-ready force known only to the President operates behind the scenes, on red alert.

A crack cybernetics team works tirelessly assessing and fielding in Mack Bolan is tasked with hunting the worst of the worst The mission is to halt the sale of components for black-market nukes to insurgents, but a double cross leads to a bloodbath with the good guys winning. The situation is unraveling fast amid the mounting chaos of blood and fe The men and women of the covert defense team Stony Man were handpicked because they believe in a cause, driven by a passion that sends them into daily battle against impossible odds.

The computer wizardry of the agency's cybernetics team enables the The supergun has proven armor-piercing capabilities and has fallen into the hands of a neo-Nazi group in the American Midwest. The gro Backed by millions in stolen black funds, the goal is a Posing as a Russian arms dealer. Mack Bolan becomes a trusted member of a Mexic A covert group of warriors dedicated to protecting America against acts of terror and violence perpetrated by enemies of the free world, the commandos of Stony Man enter each new battle backed by advanced cybernetics, sophisticated weaponry and order Nathan Weiss is plying his life-saving skills among the Brazilian tribes embroiled in civil war in the heart of the blood-drenched Amazon.

Shrouded in lies, the group has spun its web and baited the President. Its mandate to protect him beco But a simple assignment takes an ugly twist when Bolan's cover is blown. Outgunned, outnumbered and on the run with a gutsy kid in tow, Bolan' Dedicated to fighting terror wherever it's found, the warriors of Stony Man do not consider failure to be an option. But the men and women of this top secret unit remain ever vigilant in the knowledge that some day a threat so enormous may arise that Hopped up o State of Terror Mack Bolan hits the streets of Tehran, looking for a renegade former Soviet weapons expert who sold out to the terror business -a man who knows the hiding places of the toppled Iraqi dictator's arsenal of biological and chemical a Accountable only to the Oval Office and fully committed to the security of the U.

America's last line of defense understands that all it takes for evil Now, on the streets of London, the legend has come back to life-with a new twist. Jack the Ripper's grisly work is being recreated, lea A group of high-level defectors from the Project Kanggye Nucl Mack Bolan's hard probe has him seeking the experiment's financiers, but the enemy is elusive and the Executioner The elite counterterrorist group known as Stony Man has one mandate: to protect good from evil; to separate those willing to live in peace from those who kill in order to fulfill their own agenda.

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When all hell breaks loose, the warriors of Stony Man Assassinations of government officials, It's the kind of conspiracy that can only happen when madmen and conspirat A genius with explosives, he's unleashed a campaign of anarchy and bloodshed that's left thousands of innocent Americans dead and hundreds more wounded Bound by loyalty and patriotism, the men and women of Stony Man don't think of themselves as heroes, just dedicated Americans willing to do whatever it takes to protect the inalienable rights of freedom and justice.

No matter how difficult the missio All are hunting a coalition So far, Mack Bolan and the Stony Man cybernetics team have identified the terrorists, their elite ha Mack Bolan leads a strike force that in But Mack Bolan discovers the deadly truth about the U. It's been The President's fail-safe option when America is threatened is an elite group of cybernetics specialists and battle-hardened commandos who operate off the books and under governmental radar.

This ultra-clandestine force called Stony Man has defeated Unofficially, Bolan just became the cavalry. The island is Organized, well-funded and with clandestine contacts in high places, these death worshippers have an agenda of serious destruction, backed by three s Ready to respond to any threat against America, her allies or world stability, Stony Man is a strictly off-the-books operation whose orders come straight from the Oval Office. Now it's a war situation for Stony Man, and the countdown has begun for a Now, new intel points to a Philippine-based organization that has just kidnapped a dozen American missionaries.

At stake is a radioactive toxin d When the attack is over, hundreds are dead. Mack Bolan's hard probe reveals that the tanks were missing from a U. Stony Man The covert group known as Stony Man has a presidential mandate: keep democracy safe from terror, murder, and mayhem. To that end, these elite techno-warriors and battle-hardened commandos take it to the enemy wherever the next conflict occ Wet work specialists so covert, they were thought dead.

Now this paramilitary group of black ops assassins and saboteurs has been resurrected in a conspiracy engineered somewhere in the darkest corners of mil Stony Man Their orders come direct from the Oval Office--and only when the situation is desperate enough to call for swift hands-on measures. Stony Man's cybernetics team and tactical commandos are put into action to remove threats against America w A refined nerve agent--designed to temporarily enhance strength and endurance on the battlefield--has failed.

Anyone who comes in direct contact wit Intelligence reports reach Mack Bolan of an alliance between a Russian mafiya chieftain and a Jamaican trafficker seeking to expand his drug empire into the streets of America. The partnership is getting some inside help from Its solid-state laser system and advanced optics make it virtually indestructible and infinitely lethal. But, willing to The most sophisticated covert agency in the world, Stony Man stands on the front lines of America's defense. Cybernetics wizards are the brains behind the muscle of the elite in-field commando forces of Able Team and Phoenix Force.

Now, Stony Man sta Mack Bolan's takedown of a brutal African warlord reveals a more sinister plot. Someone has locked sights on Bolan, gunning for the warrior in a determined bid to put him down fast. Shifting gears, Bolan hunts the hunters as the trail leads him to Ar It's the grim endgame in a campaign to take down a rogue Caribbean dictator and his puppet masters: a cartel of global predators bankro His brother Johnny's urgent summons draws Mack Bolan into a campaign to take down Maxwell Reed, an exiled Caribbean dictator using an army of mercenaries to stage a coup.

Reed is financed by a consortium of international crime lords intent on claimin Stony Man The clandestine operations group known as Stony Man is unbound by rules of procedure and answers only to the Oval Office. Hal Brognola's team of cyberwarriors and battlefield commandos takes the most direct approach to stem the tide of g An isolated firefight off the Gulf of Mexico disturbs Johnny Bolan enough to put in a call to big brother Mack.

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They discover mercenary collusion with local rebels on a tiny Caribbean island. Zero Platform is about to become the first orbiting weapons system operated by In federal custody, one of the world's most wanted terrorists is aboard a one-way flight to justice in the United States. But he's not giving up without a fight.

Fortunately, Mack Bolan is along for the ride. When the plane is shot down by enemy fire Stony Man The ultra secret counterterrorist force called Stony Man utilizes a brilliant cybernetics team and a dedicated fighting force to combat the ever-changing threats against the free world.

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Stony Man answers only to the President. But when p Mack Bolan goes rogue as a favor for a friend that quickly turns personal -- the search and rescue of American soldiers damned to hell deep inside hostile territory in the Middle East. Finding and saving the men betrayed by their ruthless commanding The bloody snatch-and-grab work done, all that remains for double agent Cirello Zalhares and hi Bankrolled by a drug czar turned arms dealer, Europe's most dangerous right-wing splinter group grabs a cache of stolen chemical weapons.

Doubling the score, the terrorists seize a prototype weapon, the brainchild of a U. In the covert world of clandestine operations, Stony Man is the President's deniable expendable -- a ready-reaction force that officially doesn't exist. For this elite fighting team, there's no glory, just the knowledge that a successful mission mean Simultaneously, Mexico City as well as key cities along the U.

A customs bust in New York alerts Mack Bolan to a heroin smuggling operation run by Russian gangsters. His mission is three pronged: find the brain behind the enterprise, smash the network that stretches from New York to Moscow and protect the beauti A covert last line of defense for America, Stony Man is armed and ready in a dangerous era. In a new age of terrorists willing to unleash nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the Oval Office provides the unconditional green light to the Stony wa Piracy is a big and bloody business in the South Pacific as cutthroats with speedboats and machine guns hit anything that floats.

A vacationing American couple with connections in high places is being held for ransom -- the latest in a long list of v Jihad strikes the heart of Indonesia in a vicious terrorist onslaught to seize control of the entire region. The collusion of local extremist factions and the mos Bolan stalks his prey deep in African bush country.

The bloody terrain of West Africa is the staging ground for a rescue mission with almost impossible odds. Mack Bolan's directive comes straight from the Oval Office: find and recover two hos A hard probe into stolen nukes puts Mack Bolan on a firefight through Scandinavia, racing to piece together a scenario involving China, thirty tactical nukes and an unknown target. With Phoenix Force's Gary Manning as point man, they're losing a batt When not called to provide crucial assistance to its elite commandos on the ground in real-time battle, America's ultra-covert counterterrorist cyber warriors maintain a constant vigil against new global threats.

Now, the West's worst nightmare is at But there's more at stake than just revenge. A consortium of powerful men is unleashing a global wave of terror and pushin It's a crisis of terror in the making and perhaps the hardest personal fight of Mack Bolan's career. A Mideast powder keg is about to blow as an international conspiracy brokers a deal for destruction.

Fellow Stony Man warrior Yakov Katzenelenbogen h Dead End A shoot-out at London's Heathrow Airport finds Mack Bolan on a trail of blood that leads him to the hart of Soho and a turf war brewing among the city's most dangerous elements. With the Triads, Mafia, local mobs and vice racketeers all r America's most powerful and covert counterterrorist group, Stony Man, rises to the challenge that comes with defending world peace and freedom. But now this elitecorps of brilliant cyber warrior and crack field commandoes is facing a crisis that th GAME Allying himself with the beautiful leader of a Chinese Triad caught between rogue CIA agents and a violent underworld, Mack Bolan goes looking for the major players behind a international incident of hijacked nukes.

A global hunt has put h Unimaginable terror is about to be unleashed on America's shores. Since its inception as the Oval Office's ultra-covert, swift arm of justice against terror, Stony Man has played hardball with the world's worst savages. The crack cybernetics t Backed by Hong Kong's underworld, they have the money, influence and bloodlust to get a foothold in the West by destroying the competition Mack Bolan enters the playing field stateside, where the Mafiya, Bolan stalks the underbelly of Central America. He's bu The Middle East conflict reaches the point of no return.

The anti-terrorist organization known as Stony Man has pulled off impossible missions time and again. Each victory is snatched against insurmountable odds by the finest ground force in But now, state-of-the-art intelligence and the interdiction of Mack Bolan have foiled them twice in de A misguided patriot unleashes a death squad.

Maximum Gain Mack Bolan has been sanctioned to neutralize threats the law can't touch. His next assignment: there's a death squad operating from America's shores, a brainchild of a government in The chains of oppression rattle in Myanmar. A drug czar gets a taste of Bolan's medicine.

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Dirty Dealing Drug kingpin Emilio Vega has found a new product line: an experimental narcotic he's mass producing. Learning of the plans to flood America's streets with this highly addictive drug, t Bolan takes down a rogue element of Special Forces gone dirty. Escape and Evade When the best go bad, Mack Bolan faces the challenge of his life. The shadow enemies are top operatives whose blood trail leads to the Special Forces and intelligen A sophisticated U. On the ground, Mack Bolan deals himself into Bolan rattles cages in Thailand's child slave trade. Target Acquisition Mack Bolan is gunning for the leaders of Thailand's child sex slavery ring.

The multibillion-dollar industry is controlled by the San United Army, a powerful cabal of Stony Man takes on an enemy armed with America's best-kept military secrets. The cyber arm of America's most clandestine paramilitary group my be thousands of miles from the battlefield, but the Stony Man tech warriors are monitoring the acti Boland pulls bodyguard duty for a deadly terrorist. A Cold War legacy ignites a red-hot wave of terror. At the heart of the Stony Man's fortified nerve center in t Husband and wife police detectives, both married more to the badge than each other, have inevitable conflict within their marriage and their careers are put to the test when a serial killer invades their quiet and peaceful community.

Detective Reb Deadly Force Law-enforcement officers are being assassinated by a brutal, invisible killing machine. Coast-to-coast, this operation seems efficient -- and untouchable. Mack Bolan goes undercover with the Houston PD to penetrate the heart of this e Going after a resourceful adversary, Bolan has only seventy-two hours to get in, lock on and neutralize the threa The back trail leads to an Indian businessman America's defense system faces a deathblow from hidden enemies. For the dedicated warriors of Stony Man, the rules of engagement are straight and to the point: total deniability.

Only the President of the United States can deploy the top-secret te But now Starke has evolved into a demented prophet of doom -- a madman with an army of mercenaries, The United States is under siege, locked in a campaign of madness masterminded by an enemy whose network encompasses a sinister world of traitors within the U. As the fires of With a mercenary army and a network of ju America's last -- and best -- line of defense is a strictly off-the-books operation, known only to the President. Dedicated to keeping America safe from hostiles, Stony Man is comprised of a cybernetics team that provides the battle plan intellig Rogue elements deep within U.

Harnessing the fury of Okinawa's separatists, the shadow players have manipulated a tidal wave of political unrest and anti-American sentiment. The Pr But slaughter and sacrifice are just a small dose of something far more monstrous descending upon America -- a plot unleashed by those who have turned t The ultra-covert arm of the Justice Department known as Stony Man is America's last and best hope when crisis strikes. A team of brilliant computer specialists and strategists and a field force of bathe-hardened commandos make rapid deployment respon The battleground is all too familiar: Uncle Sam's dirtiest and ugliest are guarding secrets so dark that terminatio Mack Bolan's mission is to locate and destroy those bioweapons before ifs too The Greek government seems powerless to act, and with good reason: the situation is as dirty as they co Blinding Fire A diamond mining operation in war-torn Angola is being used to finance guerrilla warfare and rampant slaughter.

A human rights nightmare, its tentacles reach across Europe to America, where the Mafia shares the profits of an enterpri Beyond Any Law. The President of the United States has at his disposal a covert action force that operates beyond the law. When the security of the free world or America is threatened, it's the Man alone who gives the order to dispatch Stony Man to Winning at any cost.

The unification of radical Islamic terrorists throughout Egypt and the Middle East has initiated a potential biological doomsday. In a brilliant maneuver, the fanatics are smuggling missile triggers out of Algiers during the f Strike Point Insurgents are using terrorism in their struggle to wrest Kashmir free from Indian control. Taking their violent agenda throughout the subcontinent, these mujahideen are poised for the ultimate strike.

Fatal Allegiance (Shattered Allegiance Book 3)

They plan to deploy two stolen S In a mission where everyone has somethin Deep inside the compound's war room, an elite group of warriors engages in state-of-the-art cyber battle--while the hard force in the field ta It was more dangerous than other Nazi cliques because of its After several DEA planes are sabotaged and downed, the Oval Office takes personal interest, fearing a traitor in the rank But incredibly, the weapon has been hijacked by an enemy who plans to turn its sophisticated delivery system on the As the routine A new President occupies the Oval Office and with that privilege comes America's best and most secret defense weapon: Stony Man.

A first-class team of cybernetics and combat specialists, they're deployed under Presidential command when global crisis Behind the grim agenda of chaos and destruction emerge disturbing questions concerning the loyalty of men in high places. A connection to a larg It's a narcotics manufacturing plant financed by corrupt CIA spooks in bed with the Mafia.

The move speaks for itself as a wave of terror erupts from the Texas border to the steps of the nation's capital.

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The message to America: int As Long as terror is used to further the visions of a twisted few, Stony Man will stand firm in its mission to retaliate with extreme prejudice. The covert arm of the Justice Department, Stony Man's elite field and cybernetics commandos are sanctione With state secrets at stake and with his Mack Bolan is part of the clandestine mission to contain the threat. The agency's crack cybernetics and commando teams combat the blood tide of violence and evil preying on the free world. When the White House gives top priority to hal Gary Stevens, the Temple of the Nordic Convenant has the weapons, connections and skinhead shock troops to fulfill their mad vision of a Reich reborn.

Mack Bolan's opening A small army of ex-military commandos -- guard do Stony Man is the secret power arm of the Oval Office, an organization of crack commandos and cybernetic watchdogs who intervene when extraordinary crises occur. Ethical and determined, they safeguard America with hard force and extreme measures. In the right hands, it is an impenetrable defense against infiltration. In the wrong hands, its a deadly weapon that can be programmed for destructio The Temple of the Nordic Covenant has lit the fuse to detonate a racial holy war across the globe, complete with Frozen out of Stony Man's intelligence circles, the Bolan brothers A sanctioned enforcement arm of the Oval Office, Stony Man sidesteps official channels to defend the free world and avert threats against America.

Now, with three hot zones propelling the world toward disaster, this elite team of commandos and cybern Suspecting an elaborate hoax to discredit Ameri Going on the offensive, Mack Bolan uncovers a conspiracy th But when the security of Stony Man, as well as America and the fre The Piranha Molecule is the ultimate nanotechnology, a man-made organism that eats human bone. Virulent death made The Serb-Russian alliance has become a nightmare for Washington as the mafia's killing squad embar Government, a covert cabal has usurped total power at the highest levels, its tentacles reaching into inner sanctums of America's infrastructure.

Its members rank among the country's most powerful and influential Government and Hawaii, is getting ready to turn paradise into hell on earth, courtesy of nuclear weapons -- unless the government returns the islands to In the shadowy fringes of the government-sanctioned Strategic Operations Group, Stony Man closely monitors world hot spots, ready for immediate action when danger strikes.

Sophisticated computer and defense systems, as well as elite combat teams. Sin Mak-Fang, a renegade North Korean agent Splatterpunk, a scientific manipulation of the human body, is programmed to kill. This superhuman monster is turning Denver into a bloodbath. Although the weapon is new, Mack B A covert organization known only to the President. Stony Man operates in a shadow world where terror meets retribution. Battle-hardened commandos and cyber specialists form an elite team ready to strike when world peace is threatened.

Stony Man's fig LETHAL EYE Unleashing a laser weapon prototype, unidentified terrorists have destroyed several American satellites in a daring move to put government officials and policy makers in a choke hold. Their demand: remove all American forces from Serbia A conspiracy conceived in the last days of the Third Reich is gaining momentum and putting democracy at risk. For fifty years the tentacles of The blood trail leads to a private arms dealer on the U.

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America's most clandestine operations group works directly for the President, handling threats that need quick tactical neutralization. Behind the scenes, a crack cyber team provides -- state-of-the-art intelligence to the elite commandos of Phoeni But the price for victory has been high: his friend's life is on the line. The Don's powe And Congress authorizes a fleet of state-of-the-art drug interdiction vessels to shut down the narcobaron's smuggling operation along Revenge against the Feds who stalked and shut down the Cohorts years ago is first on its agenda of terr Mack Bolan finds himself one step behind a sophisticated enemy as savage as he is powerfu Cartel muscle, the Chinese government and local death squads are all making a bid for power by spilling blood and spreadin As internal rivalries of the combined federal task force threaten a standoff where everybod His hunt club takes CEOs to the far corners of the globe for the ultimate big game adventure.

When it comes to hunting humans, he will guarantee a body on the ground Doomsday U. Its unparalleled technical and combat skills are put to the test as they attempt to recapture a DEATH JET The K-1 Intercept Stealth fighter is the most technologically advanced plane ever built, and its designer and the blueprints have fallen into the hands of a fanatic with grandiose plans to turn the plane into a destructive tool of terror Someone is trying to start a war between the two countries.

As the ruthless The President needs someone outside the law to eliminate The Russian maliya is masterminding the retailing of nuclear doom by employing Arab terrorists as mules to smugg Now Stony Man is pushed to the limit of even thei Mack Bolan's probe to discover who's behind the terror, assassinations and narcotics traffic turns hard when the Exe When a CIA contract agent falls victim to the bloodlust.

Mack Bolan en But Juan de Fierro Blanco might actually be the ruthless mastermind behind the narcotics trade, political assassinations and revolutionary activity plaguing Stony Man becomes America's last chance to stop a deadly plague and nuclear assault against the West.

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